☀ Cigarettes Facts: True and Interesting facts about Cigarettes
Did you know that cigarettes are made up of twenty percent of sugar? Read on for more true and interesting facts about cigarettes you probably don’t know. ☀ Cigarettes are made up of 20% sugar. ☀ Cigarettes are the number one traded element on the planet. ☀ World Smokefree Day is celebrated... Read more
☀ Alcohol Facts: True And Interesting Alcohol Facts
Did you know that alcohol is the third most addictive substance in the World with the most serious side effect on our respiratory and central nervous system? Read to know more about this addictive substance. Have a look at true and interesting alcohol facts. ☀ The word “alcohol” was first... Read more
☀ Horse Facts: True and Interesting Facts About Horse
Did you know that Horses cannot vomit and they can sleep standing? Horses are majestic animals, but how much do you really know about the majestic animal? Expand your knowledge with this list of true and interesting facts about the horse. ☀ Horses can sleep both standing up and lying... Read more
☀ Starfish Facts: True and Interesting Facts about Starfish
Most of them live out of the water, but there is a very interesting animal under the water as well. The starfish is one such animal that has many interesting things that you did not know. The Starfish are beautiful animals that can be a variety of colors, shapes,... Read more
☀ Denmark Facts: True Facts About Denmark
Denmark is the world’s small country but side by side this interesting country has attractive lakes, unique historical places and delightful Danish food and rich history. Whatever you are king of knowledge, but there are lots of interesting things to learn about this fascinating country. So here are 45 more Denmark... Read more
☀Wolf Facts: True and Interesting Facts About Wolf
Do You Recognize this rare and fascinating creature? As Wolf is a known as the symbol of ritual and sometimes wolves seem scary to us. Learn and test your knowledge with amazing and true facts about the wolf. ☀ Wolves are carnivores. ☀ Wolves have 42 teeth. ☀ Pups of wolf open their eyes in... Read more
☀Giraffes Facts: True Facts About Giraffes
The giraffe is the one of the most wonderful animal presents on our planet and they are well known as the tallest animal with their long necks, stubby ossicones, and richly patterned coats. Mostly they can be found in the wild in the savanna on the continent of Africa. ... Read more
☀Pakistan Facts: 45 Facts about Pakistan
Pakistan is a democratic country and democracy is in the blood of the Pakistanis, who look upon the comprehensive equivalence of manhood and trust in world, equivalence, and right.” Contrary to its depiction as a backward desert full of terrorists, Pakistan is home to beautiful scenery, excellence, heritage, economy and natural beauty! Here... Read more
☀ YouTube Facts: True Facts About YouTube
Can you even remember a world before YouTube? As we mostly surf the things on YouTube and it has totally changed the way and obvious world. YouTube is huge and immensely popular among global viewers. Read out the true and interesting YouTube Facts. ☀ Forbes recently valued YouTube at about $70... Read more
☀ Camel Facts: True Facts About Camel
As the Camel is known as the ship of the desert. Camels are used as for transporting goods or by loading goods on the camel and has become an icon of the Asian and African deserts.  There are many unknown things that may probably know about Camel, so without... Read more