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June 28, 2017

40 Interesting facts about Antarctica

Considered the largest desert in the world. Antarctica is the coldest and windiest continent on Earth. Antartica also has no time zone. Find more interesting facts about Antarctica in this list of 40 facts.

1. ‘Antarctica’ derives from a Greek word which means ‘Opposed to the North’.

2. Antarctica is bounded by the Southern Ocean.

3. Until 1840, it was not known whether the Antarctic was just ice or if there was land beneath.

Antarctic was just ice
Source: Media Source

4. Antarctica is the world’s largest desert.

5. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent of the World.

6. In Antarctica, Mount Vinson is the highest peak with a height of 16,066 feet.

Mount Vinson
Source: Media Source

7. The total surface area of the Antarctica is about 14.2 million sq. km.

8. Antarctica is also known as the White Continent.

9. Ever recorded the lowest temperature anywhere on Earth, -89.2° C in 1983 at Vostok Station.

Vostok Station
Source: Media Source

10. 99% of the Antarctica is covered with ice.

11. Antarctica has no time zone.

12. Antarctica is the windiest, coldest and driest continent on the planet.

Antarctica is the windiest, coldest and driest continent on the Planet
Source: Media Source

13. 2°F was the highest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica.

14. Ice melting in Antarctica causes small shifts in gravity.

15. Antarctica contains 90% of the world’s fresh water.

Antarctica contains 90% of the world’s fresh water
Source: Media Source

16. There are around 70 research stations across the Antarctica which represent 29 countries.

17. For the last 2 million years, some areas of Antarctica has had no rain or snow.

18. One of the biggest icebergs of Antarctica ‘Ross Iceberg’ was found in 2000.

Ross Iceberg
Source: Media Source

19. The world’s best place to find meteorites is Antarctica.

20. To survive in Antarctica, there are 1150 species of fungi identified.

21. The Taylor Glacier waterfall in Antarctica runs red blood.

Source: Media Source

22. Antarctica is larger than Australia and 3 times larger than Europe.

23. There are more than 300 lakes beneath the Antarctica Ice sheet.

24. Husky dogs are banned in Antarctica.

Husky dog is banned in Antarctica
Source: Media Source

25. Antarctica is the only continent without native reptiles.

26. Emilio Palma was the first child born In Antarctica in 1979.

27. There are only two ATMs in Antarctica.

Antarctica has 2 ATMs
Source: Media Source

28. Antarctica has the strongest winds called katabatic and reach speeds of up to 320km/hr.

29. In Antarctica, fire is the greatest danger due to excessively dry conditions.

30. Antarctica has an active volcano named Mount Erebus that ejects out ice crystals.

Mount Erebus
Source: Media Source

31. Catherine Mikkelsen is the first women who set foot on 1935.

32. Antarctica was once as warm as modern-day California.

33. During winter, the ice expands and Antarctica grows due to colder weather.

snowy peaks
Source: Media Source

34. Antarctica is completely dark during the winter season.

35. Is daylight 24/7 during Summer in Antarctica.

36. The midge is the largest land animal living on the continent.

wingless midge
Source: Media Source

37. Antarctica has seven Christian churches.

38. In Antarctica, there are no native people.

39. Enormous species of Penguins are found in Antarctica.

penguins species
Source: Media Source

40. Antarctica has its own domain .aq like other countries.

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