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Calico Cat Facts – A collection of 32 Facts

Considered as “money cats”, the fur of the calico cat is white in color with orange and black spots on them. Different cultures address these cats with different names. Find out more facts about calico cats and their meanings in different cultures.

1. Calico cats are considered as lucky charms in many cultures around the world and there’s a strong belief that good fortune will come to the family that keeps them.

2. There’s a strong belief among the Japanese sailors that the calico cats will keep them safe from unfavorable seas and thus they always keep them in their voyages.

3. People in the United States address calico cat as money cats.

calico cat and money
Source: Media Source

4. Another name for the calico cat is tortoiseshell and white.

5. This cute ceramic cat with one raised paw is frequently found at the entrance of Japanese and Chinese restaurants, and other places of business.

6. The Calico pattern cannot be passed on via cloning or breeding.

 calico cats are pretty aggressive
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7. The process that produces a dilute calico is similar to that which produces a human child with blond hair: both parents must pass on the genes for that hair color, even if one or both of them have dark hair.

8. Calico cats are meant to be only females and just 1 out of the 3000 born is a male.

9. A lot of health problems are faced by a male calico like brain damage and organ failure.

health problems with male calico cats
Source: Media Source

10. Calico cats are believed to be migrated from Egypt.

11. There is a very strong self-belief that calico cats have magical powers and they save humans using those powers.

12. There is a very famous story where a calico cat saved all the humans and animals from a burning house by scratching all the doors of the house and alarming them.

calico cat saved all the humans and animals from a burning house
Source: Media Source

13. These cats are named for their coat color that resembles calico cloth once imported to England from India.

14. There’s a strong belief among Irish that in the month of May if the tail of the calico cat is rubbed on warts then they can be cured.

15. Calico cats may take some time to adjust to its new surrounding initially but once they get comfortable in their new home, they are extremely loving and fun being around.

calico cats are darling cats
Source: Media Source

16.  Cats with blue, cream and white fur are known as muted calicoes.

17. Japanese used to place the figurines of calico cats at the entrance of their homes and businesses.

18. In Japan, calico cats have been considered as a good luck omen since 1870’s.

calico cats considered as a good luck omen since 1870’s.
Source: Media Source

19. Calico are the most harmless and beautifully vocal pets you can have around yourself.

20. If you clone a calico kitten, the clone will not look like the original. This happens because the two X chromosomes will be turned on or off in different places, making the calico pattern look different.

21. Calico cats were considered to be a sign of devil by the Former Attorney General John Ashcroft.

Calico cats were sign of devil
Source: Media Source

22. When the colors mix on the sides of a cat’s stomach it is called a swirl, or rosette.

23. Most of the Calico cat’s front paws are declawed.

24. Using calico females or mating black and orange cats could increase the chances of having calico kittens.

calico cats give birth to calico kittens

25. There are different types of genes and alleles that can create the colors of cats.

26. A calico cat with a black coat and distinctive white markings is known as Tuxedo Cat.

27. Calico cats were worshiped by Ancient Egyptian culture.

Calico cats were worshiped by Ancient Egyptian culture
Source: Media Source

28. A group of kittens is called a kindle; a group of adult cats is called a clowder.

29. Calico Cats cannot see in complete darkness, only at low light levels.

30. The famous Lucky Beckoning Cat is based off a calico cat.

Beckoning Cat is based off a calico cat
Source: Media Source

31. Orange tabby cats with white and any shade of orange are known as Ginger.

32. Pudge the Cat is one of the most famous celebrity cats, and she is a Calico Cat.

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