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May 8, 2017

33 Mexico Facts – Interesting Information about Mexico

Did you know Mexico is known for its endless stretches of virgin beaches, its white sand, and its coastal resorts? Here are 34 Mexico Facts you may not be aware of:

1. Mexico is the largest producer of Silver and Salt.

2. Mexico is the 14th largest country by land area.

3. The 2nd smallest rabbit in the world named Volcano was found in Mexico.

Volcano Rabbits
Source: Media Source

4. After China, Mexico is the largest horse meat production house.

5. Mexico has 32 UNESCO world heritage sites.

6. In 1539, Mexico was the first one to get the printing press.

First printing press
Source: Media Source

7. Mexico introduced these 3C’s to world – Chilies, Corn, and Chocolate.

8. Chihuahua, the world’s smallest dog shares his name with a Mexican state.

9. If you get a chance to visit Mexico, you must visit Plaza Mexico – It is the world’s largest bullring.

Plaza Mexico largest bullring
Source: Media Source

10. Under Mexican federal law, the minimum age of consent for sexual activity is 12.

11. Jaguar is the largest wildcat in North America, which can be found in Mexico’s southern jungles.

12. Mexican food is known for its range of flavors and spices. Popular dishes include tacos, burritos, and enchiladas.

Mexican food
Source: Media Source

13. Scorpion stings and snake bites are the major reason of people death in Mexico.

14. The Great Pyramid of Mexico is the world largest Pyramid. It is the largest monument ever constructed in the world.

15. A flower named “Red Poinsettia” is famous for its leaves, the flower was named after the first United States Ambassador to Mexico – Joel Roberts Poinsett.

Close up of red poinsettia flowers
Source: Media Source

16. Mexico is the largest source of immigration to the United States.

17. In Mexico, an artist can use its artwork to pay their taxes.

18. Mexico also has one of the seven wonders of world – The Chichen Itza Pyramid

The Chichen Itza Pyramid
Source: Media Source

19. Mexico is located on the “Ring of Fire”. This area was named after having the most violent earthquakes and volcano in the world.

20. Mexico welcomes these Monarch migratory Butterflies from US and Canada, every year.

21. The first Mexican to win an Academy Award was Actor Anthony Quinn in 1952 for the movie Viva Zapata.

Actor Anthony Quinn academy award
Source: Media Source

22. Mexican folk dance is a blend of European, African, and Indigenous heritage.

23. In 1551, a holy Roman Emperor, Charles V Spain, founded The National University of Mexico which is the oldest university in North America.

24. There is only one arm shop in Mexico from where you can buy arms legally.

arms shop in Mexico
Source: Media Source

25. NAFTA – The North Atlantic Free Trade Association was formed in 1994 to encourage trade among the United States, Canada, and Mexico, however, it failed. The reasons for the failure were as its weak public education system, inability to enforce rule of law government corruption and repeated economic crisis.

26.  Mexico has the second highest number of Catholic citizens.

27. The Mexican flag has three equal vertical stripes – Green stripe denotes for hope, White for purity & unity, and the red stripe denotes the blood of the nation’s heroes. Coat of Arms is being represented in the middle of the flag by the picture of an eagle eating a snake.

The Mexican flag
Source: Media Source

28. November to April could be the best time to visit Mexico as you can experience Bullfighting in this period of the year.

29. When it comes to ecosystems in the world. Mexico ranks the 2nd place.

30. As Mexican population contributors, Mestizo (Indian-Spanish) are around 60%, Indians are 30%, Caucasians are 9% and 1 % is others.

Mexico people
Source: Media Source

31. 12 years old is the age established by the Mexican federal law to be involved in any sexual activities.

32. Mexico city was built on top of a lake, making the city sink year after year.

33. McDonald Hamburgers get their sesame seeds from Mexico.

McDonalds Burger
Source: Media Source
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