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June 13, 2017

40 Interesting Facts about Africa

Known for its history of incredible works of art, Africa is one of the most diverse and interesting landmasses on Earth.  Learn about this continent in this list of 40 incredible Africa Facts.

1. Africa is a vast continent with 54 nations.

2. In the world, Africa has the second largest population of over 1.1 billion people.

3. The fourth biggest island in the world, the Madagascar is located in Africa.

madagascar fourth largest island
Source: Media Source

4. In Africa, the Sahara is the world’s largest desert covering 3.6 million square miles.

5. Africa is the world’s hottest continent.

6. There are about 2300 bird species in Africa.

There are about 2300 bird species in Africa
Source: Media Source

7. Goliath Frog is the world largest frog found in Africa.

8. The main religion in Africa is Islam.

 9. The world’s largest waterfall is the Victoria Falls located in Africa.

Victoria Falls located in Africa
Source: Media Source

10. Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and rises approximately 4,900 meters.

11. Sudan is the third biggest nation in Africa.

12. After Australia, Africa is the second driest continent.

Africa is the second driest continent
Source: Media Source

13. Africa is the biggest oil producer in the world.

14. In Africa, Lake Malawi has more fish species than any other freshwater system on earth.

15. The longest river in the world is Nile River, located in Africa with a length of 6,650 kilometers.

Nile River
Source: Media Source

16. Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Africa & second-largest freshwater lake in the world.

17. There are more than 100 million Facebook users in Africa.

18. Egypt is Africa’s most popular tourist destination over 10 million visitors every year.

Source: Media Source

19. Africa’s deadliest animal is the hippopotamus. It kills more people in Africa than lions & crocodiles.

20. The ancient Egyptian city of Kahun was the first planned city in the world.

21. Almost 50% of all the gold at any point mined in history has originated from Witwatersrand, South Africa.

gold witwatersrand South Africa
Source: Media Source

22. To avoid carjacking people are allowed to use flamethrowers to their cars in South Africa.

23. In developing nations of Africa, ladies work 12 to 13 hours extra per week than men.

24. In Africa, the most populous city is Lagos with 21 million people.

lagos south africa with 8 million people
Source: Media Source

25. Africa’s highest waterfall is Tugela which falls in South Africa.

26. The African elephant is the largest land animal in the world.

27. By area, Algeria is the largest country located in the African continent.

Algeria is the largest country
Source: Media Source

28. Africa was colonized by European countries in the late 1800s.

29. Today, all countries in Africa are independent, yet the continent continues to endure wars and conflicts.

30. Africa is well known for the production of the diamonds and gold.

Africa is known for diamonds and gold
Source: Media Source

31. In Africa, approximately 40% of people grown-ups are illiterate.

32. Animals such as the zebra, gorilla, giraffe, hippopotamus, and chimpanzee are only found in Africa.

33. The most luxury train is in South Africa named “The Rovos Rail”.

The Rovos Rail
Source: Media Source

34. Second Congo War was the largest war in the African history and around 8 African countries were involved.

35. Approximately 3,000 toddlers die each day from Malaria on the continent.

36. Africa’s Lowest Point is Lake Assal located in Djibouti.

Lake Assal located in Djibouti
Source: Media Source

37. South Africa has the most Grammy honor victors.

38. Africa is home to over 1,500 different languages.

39. The Namib in Africa is one of the hottest and driest places on the planet.

The Namib in Africa
Source: Media Source

40. Being the second-largest continent, Africa has the shortest coastline in the world.

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