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April 24, 2017

40 Interesting Red Pandas Facts

Red Pandas are a rare white & red panda from Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China. Size-wise they range from 30 – 46 inches long which include their long tail. Weight-wise they are from 4 to 9 kgs. The red panda is mostly found in Central China, mountains of Nepal and Northern Myanmar. Bamboo is the food they love to eat. Enjoy a list of amazing facts about Red Pandas.

1. Red panda can eat around 20,000 bamboo leaves in a day. Yes, Red Panda really does it!

2. Red panda too has retractable claws similar to other giant pandas.

3. The second name for them is “Firefox” which they got because of their size and red color of the fur.

Red panda facts
Source : Media Source

4. Red panda can camouflage very well because of their red and white body color, legs and belly are black. Red pandas are best when it comes to hiding themselves from their predators by disguising them into the branches of fir trees which are usually covered with reddish-brown moss.

5. In the night, they use their tail to keep the body warm by wrapping their tail around.

6. Big tails are being used to make their balance as well.

Red panda tail
Source : Media Source

7. Do you know – Firefox browser trademark is a red panda.

8. The red panda is not nocturnal this means they are super active in the day time.

9. They have fascinating feet and awesome voice.

Red Panda feet
Source : Media Source

10. They like to live all alone and not in a group with other pandas, they come close during the mating season only.

11. Red pandas communicate with each other by producing different sounds and with their body language.

12. In order to alert others, they make a particular sound of a whistle.

Source : Media Source

13. Red pandas need to save themselves from Wild dogs, clouded leopards, and leopard.

14. Winter is the season when they grow their family and pregnancy lasts for three months and female panda can give birth to 1 – 4 cubs.

15. In 2010, Mozilla Company supported two red panda baby as they represent the company brand.

Source : Media Source

16. Red Panda babies are born blind, their ears are closed and body is covered with gray fur.

17. Red panda babies stay with their mother until the next breeding season.

18. An average life of a Red panda is up to 8 years in wildlife and on the other hand 14 years in incarceration.

Source : Media Source

19. They tweet to meet.  Red pandas make a sound that is known as “twittering.” Twittering seems to be mainly used to signal reproductive intent.

20. It’s only the mother panda who takes care of the cubs.

21. They are an omnivore and mostly eat bamboo, but they also consume fruit, roots, eggs and small insects.

red panda eat bamboo
Source : Media Source

22. Red pandas are commonly known as the wah because of the “wah” call that it makes.

23. Red panda weight is just 5% of the giant panda’s weight.

24. Red male pandas fight with each other by standing on their hind legs and boxing with their claws.

Red male pandas fight
Source : Media Source

25. To detect different scents red pandas use their tongues.

26. On May 22, 1869, the first live red panda was put in the London Zoo.

27. Red pandas are considered as arboreal animals because they are usually seen resting in trees

red panda resting in trees
Source : Media Source

28. They do not like water at all.

29. Red Pandas are very heat sensitive, with an optimal temperature between 63 and 77 °F, and cannot tolerate temperatures over 77 °F.

30. To keep their body warm red pandas sometimes roll themselves into a ball, with their heads tucked beneath their chest and nose pushed between their hind paws.

Red panda sleeping
Source : Media Source

31. If a red panda’s den is discovered by a human more than once, the mother panda may respond by eating her cubs.

32. Tail plays an important part in red panda’s life and the tail is as long as its body.

33. Red pandas are from Eastern Himalayas and Southwestern China.

Red Panda Eastern Himalayas
Source : Media Source

34. Although red pandas share the name with Giant panda; however, they are not related to them.

35. The red panda has reddish-brown fur, a long, shaggy tail, and a waddling gait due to its shorter front legs.

36. Both sexes may mate with more than one partner during the mating season from mid-January to early March.

red panda couple
Source : Media Source

37. Red pandas can recognize each other by their smell.

38. After 18 days of birth, the cub starts to open the eyes.

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