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April 27, 2017

32 Wine Facts That Everyone Should Know

Wine will make you happy, alcohol releases serotonin, dopamine and opioid peptides into your brain. Here are 32 sparkling wine facts that everyone that loves wine should know.

1. France, Italy, Spain and California are the largest producer of wine in the world.

3. Just to assure the guests that the wine is not poisoned, the host (during the time of ancient Greece) would consume the first sip of wine.

3. The risk of heart disease could be reduced by regular intake of wine but pretty moderately.

Source: Media Source

4. Romans first started mixing lead with wine in order to have a sweeter taste and longer preservation.

5. If the wine has been made with the grapes that were picked during a rainstorm, then it will taste dilute.

6. A wine bottle should never be stored in a kitchen or a refrigerator as where the one is too hot, the other is too cold.

How to store wine at home
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7. Red wine suits best with red meat, similarly white wine suits fish and white meat.

8. As far as a traditional meal is concerned, the lighter wines are always served before heavier ones.

9. White wine should always be served at a lower temperature (45-50 degrees Fahrenheit) as compared to the red wine (50-60 degrees Fahrenheit).

best temprature for wine
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10. Harvesting done in a single year produces a typical vintage wine whereas a nonvintage wine is the one which is blended for more than 2 years.

11. This is a myth that all wines improve with time? The fact is that very few would last longer than a decade.

12. Is it pretty easier to differentiate between a European wine and a non-European wine? The one which is named after the geographic locations is the European one while the other one is named after different varieties of grape.

Understanding Wine Names by Region
Source: Media Source

13. There are different varieties of wine such as Red Wine, White wine, fruit wine etc.

14. The most delicate wine is the feminine wine whereas a big or full wine will always be referred as the masculine wine.

15. Italians believe that women having 2 glasses of wine (every day) usually have better sex as compared to the one who doesn’t drink at all.

Hw wine is good for sex
Source: Media Source

16. The first female organization that was completely devoted to wine was started in 1988 by Italian women. The sole purpose of this organization was increasing the role of women in the Italian wine industry.

17. There are around 2.8 pounds of grapes inside a wine bottle. 60 cases of wine (720 bottles) could be made out of one ton of grapes.

18. If the world’s fruit crop is measured in terms of the acres planted then the number 1 rank would go the wine grapes.

Wine Grape Production
Source: Media Source

19. Each vineyard and the wine is made unique by the combination of, type of soil, the climate, degree of slope and the particular exposure to the sun.

20. During ancient times, wineskins were the most common way to transport wine.

21. Soy sauce contains 10 times the antioxidants of red wine.

Soy sauce contains 10 times the antioxidants of red wine
Source: Media Source

22. Drinking wine was forbidden for early Roman women and the husband was at liberty to divorce and even kill his wife if she was caught drinking it.

23. The sweeter wine has comparably more calories than a dry red or white wine.

24. Warm climate contributes largely to darker shades of wine whereas cooler climate result in lighter shades (especially in white wine)

Clor f wines
Source: Media Source

25. Red wine has the tendency to loose color with time whereas white wine gains.

26. Only a rare Muscat or concord wine would taste like grape.

27. There is a unique third flavor whenever the wine and the food are paired together.

Food and wine pairing
Source: Media Source

28. Wine made out of the frozen grapes was invented by the Germans.

29. The wine samples are analyzed by the wine chemists (Enologists).

30. Ancient Greece attributed the bubbles in wine to the evil spirits and the phases of the moon.

Bubbles in wine
Source: Media Source

31. 55% of restaurant wine sales is represented by red wine alone.

32. Red wine helps in weight loss.

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